Tooth Colored Fillings for Spring Valley

Explore The Benefits of Natural Looking, Tooth Colored, Composite Fillings

Your overall, long-term health is a significant factor in the treatment Dr. Hollingshead recommends. Dental amalgam, which was for years the material of choice for fillings, but we know that amalgam contains mercury, a heavy metal that is toxic to humans. Modern dental science has given us an alternative – composite resin. Dr. Hollingshead believes that composite resin fillings provide a durable, non-toxic, and attractive option. He does not place amalgam fillings.

Left untreated, tooth decay will grow and can cause significant oral health problems. If you have a cavity, Dr. Hollingshead can restore your tooth with an inconspicuous composite filling in a matter of minutes. He’ll use local anesthesia, if necessary, to keep you comfortable. After removing the decay, he’ll place a dab of liquid composite resin into the cavity and harden it with a curing light. We’ll tint the resin to match your tooth enamel, so your filling will look like natural, healthy tooth structure. Only you and Dr. Hollingshead will know that you’ve had dental work! The dentist will sculpt and polish your tooth-colored filling, then make sure that it fits well with your bite.

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